WMO Aeronautical Meteorology Scientific Conference (AMSC-2017)

Toulouse, France -
6 November, 2017 to 10 November, 2017

The theme of the Conference is:

"Aviation, weather and climate: Scientific research and development for future aeronautical
meteorological services in a changing atmospheric environment.”


WMO/UK Met Office Aviation Seminar

New Delhi, India -
13 November, 2017 to 17 November, 2017

The annual WMO/UK Met Office Aviation Seminar will be hosted this year by the India Meteorological Department (IMD) in New Delhi, India, from Monday 13 to Friday 17 November 2017. 

The aim of the seminar is to provide training, guidance and practical examples of several key aspects of meteorology and forecasting for Aviation, to support forecasters in this specialized area. This year’s seminar will focus on the topics of Aviation Hazards and SIGMETs.