1/2017 CAeM Newsletter published

13 February, 2017

The 1/2017 issue of the CAeM Newsletter has now been published.

You can access it here: link to the newsletter



Update on the status of response to the CAeM Global Survey 2016

19 January, 2017

The CAeM Global Survey on National Arrangements for the Provision of Aeronautical Meteorological Service by the WMO Members has received an excellent response rate. As of 31 January 2017, 165 complete responses have been received from the 190 surveyed Member States and Territories, which makes a 87% global response rate. The status of responses is graphically presented below:


Entry into force of the WMO standard on the qualification of aeronautical meteorological forecasters

2 December, 2016

Seven years ago, a major change for the aviation meteorology was adopted by the WMO Congress and this change started with the implementation of a new concept - Meteorologist competency - which became effective on 1 December 2013.  

In order to ensure not only the competency of Aviation Meteorologists but also the education level for Aviation Forecasters, the Basic Instruction Package for Meteorologists (BIP-M) became compulsory.


CAeM Global Survey 2016

28 October, 2016

We are pleased to inform you of the conduct of an online survey by the Commission for Aeronautical Meteorology (CAeM) Expert Team on Governance (ET-GOV) on the national arrangements for the provision of aeronautical meteorological service in the WMO Members.


CAeM Newsletter is on

6 October, 2016

The first issue of the CAeM Newsletter has been published. You can access it here: link to the CAeM Newsletter .


Arrival and departure in the AEM Division

30 June, 2016

  Departure                                 Arrival


The AEM Division would like to inform you that Mr Scylla Sillayo, Scientific Officer, will retire from WMO on 30 June 2016.  We thank him for the 10 years within our Division and wish him a long and well-deserved retirement in his beloved Tanzania. We'll miss him!


Implementation date for AMF Qualification Standard is approaching

6 April, 2016

The WMO qualification requirement for the aeronautical meteorological forecasters (AMF) included in the WMO Technical Regulations, Volume I (WMO-No. 49) will become a standard requirement as of 1 December 2016. To assist Members achieve conformity with this requirement, the CAeM ET-ETC has developed guidance material in the form of a "compliance flow chart" and "frequently asked questions". This material was sent to all Members through a circular letter on 28 January 2016. Members were also requested to provide information on the status of compliance with the AMF qualification standard.


The ECMA-2015 Report is now online

18 March, 2016

The final report of the European Conference on Meteorolog for Aviation (ECMA-2015) held in Vienna, Austria, 13-14 October 2015, is now online (link)


The ET-ETC/ET-GOV meeting report is now online

3 February, 2016

The report of the joint meeting of the ET-ETC and ET-GOV held in Wellington from 30 November to 3 december 2015 has been posted on the website (link).


SciDev article on volcanic ash

11 June, 2015

SciDev.Net, a leading source of reliable and authoritative news, views and analysis on information about science and technology for global development, published an interesting article: Volcanic ash study could help keep planes in the skies