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Second Session of the African Ministerial Conference on Meteorology

15 October 2012 to 19 October 2012
Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe
Second Session AMCOMET

The Second Session of the African Ministerial Conference on Meteorology (AMCOMET) / African Union Conference of Ministers Responsible for Meteorology took place from the 15-19 October 2012 in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.  The Conference was organised by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in partnership with the African Union (AU) and the Republic of Zimbabwe, who hosted the Conference.  The Conference was attended by 38 African countries, 27 Ministers and over 120 participants, including technical experts from the weather and climate communities as well as development partners and financial institutions.

A Ministerial Bureau was elected composed of a Chair (Zimbabwe), First Vice-Chair, Central African Republic, Second Vice-Chair, Tunisia, Third Vice-Chair, The Gambia and Rapporteur, Uganda. 

The Conference also approved the Integrated African Strategy on Meteorology (Weather and Climate Services) enhancing cooperation between African countries to effectively meet government and societal needs and requirements for weather and climate information and services. 

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