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26 January 2017
Facing incessant droughts due to climate change, many women in southern... more
23 January 2017

Like the rest of the world, Morocco is grappling with the serious effects of climate change, after a significant drop in the country’s economic growth in... more

03 January 2017

The Director General and Chief Executive Officer of Nigeria Meteorological Agency (NiMet), Dr. Anthony Anuforom, has assured the first batch of... more

03 January 2017

Coverage of Africa in 2016 gave cause for alarm, and for celebration too. That should continue in 2017 as people across the continent take on monumental... more

23 December 2016

OSLO, Norway, December 22, 2016/APO–Over 15 million people... more

20 December 2016

NAIROBI, (CAJ News)... more

15 December 2016

It is just over a year since Storm... more