Poster Session

The Multi-Hazard Early Warning Conference will present posters reflecting good practices, practical experience and innovation in line with the objectives of the Conference.
Posters are portrait oriented.  Final list of posters [Pdf]
Detailed instructions have been sent out on 11 April on making the poster. The suggested size for the poster is: A0 that is 84 cm wide x 119 cm high (33 x 47 inches), so portrait orientation. The posters will be displayed for the whole period of the Conference, from morning of 22 May to evening of 23 May. You will need to set it up yourself, materials for attachment to the poster board will be provided.

The poster session will take place on Monday 22nd from 18:30 to 21:00. The author present is to be available at his/her poster to discuss it with the participants. Programme Committee will give recognition to the best posters.

Favorite Posters

The participants of the Multi-Hazard Early Warning Conference voted for their favorite posters. There was much excellent and innovative work on display on diverse subjects, covering all aspects of early warning. The voting provided clear answers supporting the full spectrum of work needed and being done in this subject.

The top six poster presenters were recognized by the heads of delegations of the Programme Committee Organizations

A small, thought-provoking study that looks at the visual cues that increase the timeliness of response to messages was presented by Mr Eran LEDERMAN, Israel.
E Lederman.JPG

Interesting work done in Africa on urban flooding in the Sahel was presented by Dr. Aida DIONGUE-NIANG, Senegal
A Diongue-Niang.JPG

Many voted for a poster showcasing forecast-based financing in Peru used to prepare for El Nino impacts, through a multilateral partnership, presented by Dr Juan BAZO, Peru
J Bazo.JPG

Another favorite was the work being done on early warning for food security in Africa within AGRICORA, presented by Dr Benjamin SULTAN, France
B Sultan.JPG

The fifth and sixth recognition was for the excellent work being done in Iztapalapa county, Mexico, on all aspects of early warning. The work was presented in four different posters, which together received the most votes. Two in particular from the Instituto de Investigaciones y de Estudios sobre Alertas y Riesgos (iidear) were the most popular.

These were presented by Mr Rafael Humberto MARIN together with Mr Alfredo Monterrosas, and by Mr Mario Alvaro RUIZ
R Marin & A Monterrosas.JPGM A Ruiz.JPG