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19/01/2015 - La Agencia Estatal de Meteorología (AEMET), adscrita a la Secretaría de Estado de Medio Ambiente del Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente, ha actualizado el Manual de uso de términos meteorológicos que ya ha empezado a utilizar en sus predicciones. Este Manual, que a partir de ahora regirá el léxico en esta materia, ha sido presentado en una Jornada sobre la Difusión de la Información en AEMET que se ha celebrado en la sede central de la Agencia esta mañana.

El Manual de uso de términos meteorológicos se publicó en 1992 y hasta ahora no se había llevado a cabo ninguna revisión. Ahora, se ha presentado su actualización que ha sido realizada por personal de AEMET y expertos en comunicación meteorológica. En concreto, han participado la Asociación Meteorológica Española (AME) y la Asociación de Comunicadores de Meteorología (ACOMET) y ha sido revisado por la Fundación del Español Urgente (Fundéu).

The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of the Environment, Minister of the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency and Minister for the Arctic Council, announced today a major investment to improve the quality of weather forecasts and weather warnings to Canadians. Through this investment, Canadians will have access to more reliable and accurate weather forecasts based on the most modern technology available.

This $134 million investment will allow Environment Canada to make significant upgrades to the monitoring networks and to the weather warning and forecast systems. With these upgrades, Environment Canada will communicate weather warnings even more accurately and with more lead time to Canadian citizens and weather sensitive business sectors, such as agriculture, tourism and transportation, enabling them to be better prepared.

Por acuerdo del Director General de la Comisión Nacional del Agua (Conagua), David Korenfeld, el Coordinador General del Servicio Meteorológico Nacional (SMN), Juan Manuel Caballero designó, a partir del 1 de enero de 2015, a Alberto Hernández Unzón como Gerente de Meteorología y Climatología de esta institución.

El nombramiento del ingeniero geofísico, egresado del Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), fue ratificado por el Comité Técnico Asesor de la Conagua, debido a que cuenta con una vasta experiencia y trayectoria de 26 años en el Servicio Público Federal.


Provisional full year figures for 2014 show it is the UK's warmest and fourth wettest year in records dating back to 1910.

It is also the warmest year on record in the Central England Temperature series, which dates back to 1659 and is the world's longest running instrumental temperature series.

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From December 23 to 26, 3 experts from National Meteorological Information Centre of CMA and National Meteorological Centre of CMA went to Nepal to carry out technical aid and training on CMACast, MICAPS, and GMSOFT.

In Nepal, the experts checked and maintained local MICAPS3 English client, CMACast and GMSOFT system, updated data processing system, and increased GRAPS regional data processing. Based on local conditions, they imported local observation data, model data, satellite data, and local terrain data into the MICAPS client, and trained forecasters and technician of Nepal Meteorological Service from aspects of application and data subscription of MICAPS and CMACast, and forecast analysis and production.

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La température moyenne annuelle en 2014 sur la France a dépassé de 1,2 °C la normale*. 2014 devient ainsi l'année la plus chaude depuis 1900, devant 2011 (+ 1.1 °C) et 2003 (+ 1.0 °C). L'année écoulée est également une année record chez nos voisins européens comme la Grande-Bretagne, la Belgique, l'Espagne et l'Allemagne où la température moyenne annuelle a dépassé la normale* de 1.4 °C.


Today’s release of the Bureau of Meteorology Annual Climate Statement 2014 confirms Australia has recorded its third warmest calendar year since national records began in 1910.

Assistant Director for Climate Information Services, Neil Plummer, said 2014 was characterised by frequent heatwaves and warm spells, and a notable reduction in cold weather. “Much of Australia experienced temperatures very much above average in 2014, with mean temperatures 0.91 °C above the long-term average,” said Mr Plummer.“This follows the warmest year on record in 2013, which was 1.20 °C warmer than average.

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Samoa Meteorology Division, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment through the Samoa Climate Early Warning System (CLEWS) predicts elevated cyclone activity for Samoa this season. Two or more named cyclones are predicted to interact with the Samoa islands during the season, from 1st November 2014 to 30th April 2015. The risk of tropical cyclones this season is no different to the cyclone season 2012-2013 (most recent); where Samoa interacted with Tropical Cyclone Evan and Tropical Cyclone Garry. 

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The Finnish Meteorological Institute's new, modern weather radar will be commissioned in Kesälahti. The new radar built at Kesälahti, in the municipality of Kitee, will complement Finland's network of weather radars and bring major benefits, particularly in forecasting snow in winter and slippery driving conditions.
The new radar built in Northern Karelia will significantly improve the weather radar service in the region of Eastern Finland. After the building of the latest radar, Finland's weather radar network will consist of nine radar stations. The Finnish Meteorological Institute's other weather radars are located in Korppoo, Vantaa, Anjalankoski, Ikaalinen, Kuopio, Utajärvi, Vimpeli and Luostotunturi in Sodankylä. The radar tower at Kesälahti is 30.6 metres tall and the total height will be 36 metres including the radome.

Extremely dry with mild conditions in parts of the South, Southeast and West 

Rainfall was above average in parts of the West, Midlands, Northwest and North, reporting monthly percentage of Long-Term Average (LTA) values of up to 155% (Newport with 285.6 mm of precipitation).  Elsewhere, below average rainfall was recorded, with stations in parts of the South, Southeast and in isolated areas along western coasts reporting LTA rainfall values of around 50%. Sherkin Island and Johnstown Castle reported 66.6 mm (51% of its LTA) and 43.5 mm (40% of its LTA), respectively, their driest December since 1991 (23 years). A few other stations in southern areas reported their driest December in six to 18 years. The month’s wettest day was on the 22nd at Newport with 38.9 mm, its wettest December day in 12 years and its wettest day since 2003.

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