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UAE Awards for Rain Enhancement Science
1 February 2016

Research groups from Japan, the United Arab Emirates and Germany have won the US$5 million grant awarded by the inaugural edition of the UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science.

This research program was launched by the UAE’s Ministry of the Presidential Affairs (MOPA) and is managed by the UAE’s National Center for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS). The program offers an annual grant of US$5 million to be shared among up to five winning proposals for a period of three years.

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WHO-WMO Brief on Health and ENSO
27 January 2016

The joint World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and World Health Organization (WHO) Climate and Health Office has issued a briefing paper about health and the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) as part of a wider WHO effort to review the current health risks and responses of the El Nino event in high risk countries.

The ongoing El Niño event is one of the three strongest since 1950 and is the strongest since 1997-1998, according to WMO. It is contributing to extreme weather patterns around the world and combined with long-term climate change to fuel record global surface temperatures in 2015.

2015 is hottest year on record
25 January 2016

Geneva 25 January 2016 (WMO) - The global average surface temperature in 2015 broke all previous records by a strikingly wide margin, at 0.76±0.1° Celsius above the 1961-1990 average. For the first time on record, temperatures in 2015 were about 1°C above the pre-industrial era, according to a consolidated analysis from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

WMO combines three internationally-renowned observational datasets with those from sophisticated reanalysis systems. As such it provides the most authoritative international reference source.

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UN Secretary-General visits WMO
20 January 2016

WMO welcomed UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to its headquarters on 19 January for a meeting with WMO Secretary-General Petteri Taalas, who took up office at the start of the year. Mr Ban, accompanied by senior UN officials, also met WMO President David Grimes and senior management.  

Mr Taalas thanked the UN Secretary-General for his essential contribution to the success of the UN Climate Change conference, COP-21, in Paris.

photo credit: UN Photo/Rick Bajornas

WMO Renews Call for New Images for International Cloud Atlas
19 January 2016

The World Meteorological Organization is issuing another call for the submission of high quality photographs of clouds to feature as “reference images” in the next edition of the International Cloud Atlas.

The aim is to produce a user-friendly, digital-based product, which is an authoritative, comprehensive and up-to-date source of reference and is also interesting and accessible to a wide audience. It will also include new types of cloud.

WMO hosts FERMUN Model United Nations
13 January 2016

WMO is hosting the 2016 FERMUN Model United Nations attended by 650 students from 40 schools and 18 countries. The theme is "The Change We Need."

In opening addresses, Michel Jarraud, WMO Secretary-General Emeritus, said that the year 2015 showed both the need and the potential for change.

Jason-3 satellite to monitor oceans
13 January 2016

The Jason-3 satellite was launched Sunday evening, 17 January, from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, United States of America. Jason-3 will continue the time series of mean sea-level measurements that started in 1992 with the launch of the Topex-Poseidon satellite and continued with Jason-1 and -2.

WMO 2016 Calendar
11 January 2016

"Hotter, drier, wetter. Face the Future" is the theme of the WMO 2016 calendar and World Meteorological Day on 23 March. The calendar includes photographs from around the world based on a WMO Facebook competition.

Connecting Meteorological Services to Farmers: Success in West Africa
6 January 2016

WMO is evaluating the success of a four-year project to improve the provision and use of meteorological information and tools for farmers in West Africa where agriculture and food security is heavily dependent on the weather.

The MetAgri Operational Project embraced National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) and farmers and agricultural extension workers in 17 West African countries. Between 2012 and 2015, there were a total of 260 roving seminars with over 10,600 farmers. Over 4,500 rain gauges were given to farmers to teach them basic weather principles and to start to develop a supplemental observation network.

WMO welcomes Petteri Taalas as new Secretary-General
4 January 2016

The World Meteorological Organization welcomes its new Secretary-General, Petteri Taalas, who will head the UN System's authoritative voice on weather, climate and water for the next four years.  

Mr Taalas, who was previously Director-General of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, succeeds Michel Jarraud, who completed three terms of office on 31 December 2015.

"Weather, climate, water and related environmental conditions have a major impact on our global society and economy," says Mr Taalas. "WMO Members have to be better prepared for extreme weather events and to adapt to the changing climate, and National Meteorological and Hydrological Services will be pivotal to these efforts."

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