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While initially the Prize was meant for contribution in the field of meteorology when WMO took over the additional responsibility for operational hydrology with the United Nations System in 1971, the IMO Prize is also to be awarded for outstanding work in operational hydrology.

Each year, a letter is sent to Ministers of Foreign Affairs of WMO Members to nominate candidates for the Prize. All nominations should be communicated confidentially to the Secretary-General for transmission to the Selection Committee of the Executive Council. In accordance with the rules, the name of a candidate submitted but not chosen for the award in that year, is retained on the list of candidates for the remainder of the financial period.

The IMO Prize consists of:

  • A 14-carat gold medal 57 mm in diameter. It bears on one side the official WMO emblem and on the other side the Latin inscription Pro singulari erga scientiam meteorologicam merito
  • A monetary award of SFR 10 000
  • A parchment scroll

The IMO Prize is awarded annually to individuals for outstanding work in the field of meteorology or in any other field referred to in Article 2 of the WMO Convention.







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