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The Norbert Gerbier-MUMM International Award

The Norbert Gerbier-MUMM International Award 2012 was awarded to Chuixiang Yi, Daniel Ricciuto, Runze Li, John Wolbeck, Xiyan Xu, Mats Nilsson and 145 other contributing authors for the paper entitled "Climate control of terrestrial carbon exchange across biomes and continents” published in the Environmental Research Letters in 2010, Volume 5.

The authors came from 116 academic institutes and over six continents. Among the lead authors, Chuixiang Yi is from the City University of New York and Daniel Ricciuto is from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA. The other main authors are also from the City University of New York, Pennsylvania State University, USA, and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Sweden. The paper examined the relationships between climate and carbon exchange of land-based ecosystems that are critical to predict future levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

The laureates will receive their award during the 2012 Executive Council session.

The Norbert Gerbier-MUMM International Award 2011 was conferred upon Jean-Philippe Vidal, Eric Martin, Florence Habets, Laurent Franchistéguy, Jean-Michel Soubeyroux, Michele Blanchard, and Martine Baillon for their paper “Multilevel and multiscale drought reanalysis over France with the Safran-Isba-Modcou hydrometeorological suite” in 2010 in Volume 14 of Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. The ceremony took place during the 16th WMO Congress on 24 May 2011.









Geneva, 24 May 2011 (left to right):

J.P. Vidal, E. Martin; M. Blanchard; A. Bedritskiy, WMO President; Mme G. Guiard Gerbier; M. Jarraud, WMO Secretary-General; M. Baillon, L. Franchistéguy, J.-M. Soubeyroux



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