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Winners of the Norbert Gerbier-MUMM International Award

2014: Long Cao (China), Govindasamy Bala (India), and Ken Caldeira (USA) for their paper entitled “Climate response to changes to atmospheric carbon dioxide and solar irradiance on the time scale of days to weeks” published in Environmental Research Letters in 2012, Volume 7.

Massimo Bollasina (USA), Yi Ming (USA), and V. Ramaswamy (USA)  for their paper entitled “Anthropogenic aerosols and the weakening of the South Asian Summer Monsoon” published in Science in October 2011, Volume 334, No. 6055.

Chuixiang Yi (USA), Daniel Ricciuto (USA), Runze Li (USA), John Wolbeck (USA), Xiyan Xu (USA), Mats Nilsson (Sweden) and 145 other contributing authors for the paper entitled "Climate control of terrestrial carbon exchange across biomes and continents” published in the Environmental Research Letters in 2010, Volume 5.

2011: Jean-Philippe Vidal (France), Eric Martin, Florence Habets, Laurent Franchistéguy, Jean-Michel Soubeyroux, Michele Blanchard, and Martine Baillon for their paper “Multilevel and multiscale drought reanalysis over France with the Safran-Isba-Modcou hydrometeorological suite” in 2010 in Volume 14 of Hydrology and Earth System Sciences.

2010: J.M. Sánchez (Spain), G. Scavone (Italy), V. Caselles (Spain), E. Valor (Spain), V.A. Copertino (Italy) and V. Telesca (Italy) for their paper entitled “Monitoring daily evapotranspiration at a regional scale from Landsat-TM and ETM+ data: application to the Basilicata region”, published in the Journal of Hydrology in 2008.

2009: K. Krishna Kumar (India), B. Rajagopalan (USA), M. Hoerling (USA), G. Bates (USA), and M. Cane (USA). Unraveling the Mystery of Indian Monsoon Failure during El Niño. Science, October 2006, Volume 314, pp. 115-118. View online abstract.

2008: A. Yeshanew (Ethiopia) and M.R. Jury (South Africa). North African climate variability. Part 1: Tropical thermocline coupling; Part 2: Tropical Circulation Systems; and Part 3: resource prediction. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, Volume 89, pages 25-36; 37-49 and 51-62 respectively (published online doi:10.1007/s00704-006-0242-8; 0243-7; and 0262-4 respectively).

2007: R. Philipona (Switzerland), B. Dürr, A. Ohmura and C. Ruckstuhl. Anthropogenic greenhouse forcing and strong water vapour feedback increase temperature in Europe. Geophysical Research Letters, 2005, (Volume 32, L19809, doi:10.1029/2005GL023624).

2006: T.N. Palmer (UK), A. Alessandri (Italy), U. Andersen (Denmark), P. Cantelaube (Italy), M. Davey (UK), P. Délécluse (France), M. Déqué (France), E. Diez (Spain), F.J. Doblas-Reyes (UK), H. Feddersen (Denmark), R. Graham (UK), S. Gualdi (Italy), J.-F. Guérémy (France), R. Hagedorn (UK), M. Hoshen (UK), N. Keenlyside (Germany), M. Latif (Germany), A. Lazar (France), E. Maisonnave (France), V. Marletto (Italy), A.P. Morse (UK), B. Orfila (Spain), P. Rogel (France), J.-M. Terres (Italy), M.C. Thomson (USA). Development of a European multimodel ensemble system for seasonal- to-interannual prediction (DEMETER). Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, (2004) 85, pp 853-872.

2005: G. Beig (India), P. Keckhut (France), R.P. Lowe (Canada), R.G. Roble (USA), M.G. Mlynczak (USA), J. Scheer (Argentina), V.I. Fomichev (Canada), D. Offermann (Germany), W.J.R. French (Australia), M.G. Shepherd (Canada), A.I. Semenov (Russian Fed.), E.E. Remsberg (USA), C.Y. She (USA), F.J. Lübken (Germany), J. Bremer (Brazil), B.R. Clemesha (Brazil), J. Stegman (Sweden), F. Sigernes (Norway), S. Fadnavis (India). Review of mesospheric temperature trends. Reviews of Geophysics, (2003) 4, pp 1-41.     

2004: B.E. Law (USA), E. Falge (Germany), L. Gu (USA), D.D. Baldocchi (USA), P. Bakwin (USA), P. Berbigier (France), K. Davis (USA), A.J. Dolman (The Netherlands), M. Falk (USA), J.D. Fuentes (USA), A. Goldstein (USA), A. Granier (France), A. Grelle (Sweden), D. Hollinger (USA), I.A. Janssens (Belgium), P. Jarvis (UK),  N.O. Jensen (Denmark), G. Katul (USA), Y. Mahli (UK), G. Matteucci (Italy), T. Meyers (USA), R. Monson (USA), W. Munger (USA), W. Oechel (USA), R. Olson (USA), K. Pilegaard (Denmark), K.T. Paw U (USA), H. Thorgeirsson (Iceland), R. Valentín (Italy), S. Verma (USA), T. Vesala (Finland), K. Wilson (USA), S. Wofsy (USA). Environmental controls over carbon dioxide and water vapor exchange of terrestrial vegetation. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, (2002) 113, pp 97-120.   

2003: V. Ramaswamy (USA), M.-L. Chanin (France), J. Angell (USA), J. Barnett (UK), D. Gaffen (USA), M. Gelman (USA), P. Keckhut (France), Y. Koshelkov (France), K. Labitzke (Germany), J.-J. R. Lin (USA), A. O’Neill (UK), J. Nash (UK), W. Randel (USA), R. Rood (USA), K. Shine (UK), M. Shiotani (Japan), R. Swinbank (UK). Stratospheric temperature trends: observations and model simulations. Reviews of Geophysics, (2001) 39, 1,  71-122.   

2002: W.N. Smith (Canada), R.L. Desjardins, and E. Pattey. The net flux of carbon from agricultural soils in Canada, 1970-2010. Global Change Biology (2000) 6,  557-568.

2001: C.-L. Lü (China) and S.-H. Chen.  Multiple linear interdependent models (MLIM) applied to typhoon data from China.  Theoretical and Applied Climatology. (1998) 61, pp 143-149.

2000: J.-C. Calvet (France), J. Noilhan, J.-L. Roujean, P. Bessemoulin, M. Cabelguenne, A. Olioso, and J.-P. Wigneron. An interactive vegetation SVAT model tested against data from six contrasting sites. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology (1998) 92, pp 73-95. 

1999: K. Molnár (Hungary) and J. Mika. Climate as a changing component of landscape: recent evidence and projections for Hungary. Z. Geomorph. NF Suppl-Bd. 110: 185-195. 

1998: B.D. Santer (USA), K.E. Taylor (USA), T.M.L. Wigley (USA), T.C. Johns (UK), P.D. Jones (UK), D.J. Karoly (Australia), J.F.B. Mitchell (UK), A.H. Oort (USA), J.E. Penner (USA), V. Ramaswamy (USA), M.D. Schwarzkopf (USA), R.J. Stouffer (USA), and S. Tett (UK). A search for human influences on the thermal structure of the atmosphere. Nature, (1996) 382 pp 39-46. 

1997: J.F.B. Mitchell (UK), R.C. Johns, J.M. Gregory, and S.F.B. Tett. Climate response to increasing levels of greenhouse gases and sulphate aerosols. Nature (1995) 376 pp 501-504.

1996: M.N. Ward (UK), C.K. Folland, K. Maskell, D.P. Rowell, and K.B. Lane. Experimental seasonal forecasting of tropical rainfall at the UK Meteorological Office. Prediction of Interannual Climate Variations, NATO ASI Series, (1993) Vol. I, 6, pp. 197-216. 

1995: J. B. Kerr (Canada) and Charles T. McElroy. Evidence for large upward trends in ultra-violet B radiation linked to ozone depletion.  Science (1993) 262, pp 1032-1034. 

1994: A. Berger (Belgium)  The relation between astronomy and climate variations  and Dr Houtekamer (Netherlands). Predictability in models of the atmospheric circulation. Ph D. Thesis.  

1993: T.R. Carter (UK), M.L. Parry, and J.H. Porter. Climate change and future agroclimatic potential in Europe.  International Journal of Climatology (1991) 11, pp 251-269. 

1992: J.J. Heikinheimo (Finland), C.W. Thurtell (Canada), and G.E. Kidd (Canada). An open-path, fast-response IR spectrometer for simultaneous detection of CO? and water-vapour fluctuations. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology (1989) Vol 6, N°.4 pp 624-636. 

1991: B. Seguin (France), E. Assad, P. Freteaud, J. Imbernon, Y. Kerr, and J.P. Lagouarde. Use of meteorological satellites for water balance monitoring in Sahelian regions. International Journal of Remote Sensing, (1989) 10, pp 1001-1017. 

1990: C.F. Ropelewski (USA) and M.S. Halpert. Global and regional scale precipitation patterns associated with the El Niño/Southern Oscillation. Monthly Weather Review (1987) 115 No. 8, pp. 1606–1626.  

1989: J.P. Frangi (Niger) and Druilhet (France).   Rôle du sol dans les échanges d'énergie dans la couche de surface sahélienne  (The role of the ground in surface-layer energy exchanges in the Sahel).

1988: R. J. Charlson (USA), J. E. Lovelock (UK), M. O. Andreae (USA), and Stephen G. Warren (USA). Oceanic phytoplankton, atmospheric sulphur, cloud albedo and climate. Nature (1987) 326 pp 655-661.

Note: For each paper, the country of the author's institution is listed and the first country listed is the same for all authors unless otherwise noted.

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