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Winners of the Professor Dr Vilho Väisälä Awards


Professor Dr Vilho Väisälä Award for an Outstanding Research Paper on Instruments and Methods of Observation
(established in 1985)
Professor Dr Vilho Väisälä Award
for the Development and
Implementation of Instruments and Observations
(established in 2004)
2014 A Overeem (the Netherlands)
H. Leijnse (the Netherlands)
R. Uijlenhoet (the Netherlands)
Not awarded
2012 R. Boers (the Netherlands)
H. Klein Baltink (the Netherlands)
M.J. de Haij (the Netherlands)
C.N. Long (USA)
M. Savenije (the Netherlands)
L.H. van Ulft (the Netherlands)
W.M.F. Wauben (the Netherlands)
P. Bauer (UK)
W. Bell (UK)
N. Bormann (UK)
Q. Lu (China)
C. Peubey (UK)
2010 P.L. Heinselman (USA)
D.L. Priegnitz (USA)
K.L. Manross (USA)
T.M. Smith (USA)
R.W. Adams (USA)
E. Vuerich (Italy)
C. Monesi (Italy)
L.G. Lanza (Italy)
L. Stagi (Italy)
E. Lanzinger (Germany)
2008 O. Bousquet (France)
P. Tabary (France)
J. Parent-du-Châtelet (France)

L. Lanza (Italy)
M. Leroy (France)
C. Alexandropoulos (France)
L. Stagi (Italy)
W. Wauben (the Netherlands)

2006 J.P. Pichamuthu (India) J. Nash (United Kingdom)
R. Smout (United Kingdom)
M. Smees (United Kingdom)
C. Bower (USA)
2004 I. Holleman (Netherlands)
H. Beekhuis (Netherlands)
2003 U. Baltensperger (Switzerland)
M. Gysel (Switzerland)
E. Weingartner (Switzerland)
2002 R. Philipona (Switzerland)  
2001 U. Görsdorf (Germany)
V. Lehmann (Germany)
2000 E.R. Westwater (USA)
Yong Han (USA)
J.B. Zinder (USA)
J.H. Churnside (USA)
J.A. Shaw (USA)
M.J. Fakks (USA)
C.N. Long (USA)
T.P. Ackerman (USA)
K.S. Gage (USA)
W.L. Ecklund (USA)
A.C. Riddle (USA)
1999 B.E. Goodison (Canada)
P.Y.T. Louie (Canada)
D.Yang (Canada) (visiting research scientist from China)
1998 V.S. Golubev (Russian Federation)
D.A. Konovalov (Russian Federation)
A.Yu. Simonenko (Mrs) (Russian Federation)
Yu.V. Tovmach (Russian Federation)
1997 B.W. Forgan (Australia)  
1996 D.S. Zrnic (USA)
A.Ryzhkov (USA) (visiting scientist from the Russian Federation)
1995 A.C.L. Lee (UK)  
1994 D.J. Gaffen (Mrs) (USA)  
1993 J.P. van der Meulen (Netherlands)  
1992 D.J. Griggs (UK)
D.W. Jones (UK)
M. Ouldridge (UK)
W.R. Sparks (UK)
1991 M. Kitchen (UK)  
1990 P.T. May (Australia)
K.P. Moran (USA)
R.G. Strauch (USA)
1989 D. Sonntag (Germany)  
1988 J. Nash (UK)
F.J. Schmidlin (USA)
1987 B. Sevruk (Switzerland)  
1986 C.G. Collier (UK)  
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