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Regional offices

In their respective Regions, the Regional Offices and WMO Offices implement resource mobilization, partnership building and advocacy-related activities and are responsible, together with WMO scientific and technical departments and partners, for the implementation of regional technical cooperation, and activities in support of the Least Developed Countries. This includes support to the regional associations, development and implementation of technical cooperation projects and programmes in support of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services, liaison within regional institutions and organizations and resource mobilization.


Regional Offices (located at the WMO Secretariat)

Regional Office for Africa (RAF)
Regional Office for Asia and the South-West Pacific (RAP)
Regional Office for the Americas (RAM)
Regional Office for Europe (EUR)

The Regional Offices supervise the related WMO Offices

WMO Office for North, Central and West Africa in Abuja, Nigeria
WMO Office for Eastern and Southern Africa in Nairobi, Kenya
WMO Office for West Asia in Manama, Bahrain
WMO Office for the South-West Pacific in Apia, Samoa
WMO Office for South America in Asunción, Paraguay
WMO Office for North America, Central America and the Caribbean  in San José, Costa Rica
WMO Office in Brussels, Belgium, (working primarily with EUMETNET and the European Union)
Mexico Project Office in Mexico City, Mexico
Haiti Project Office (National project)


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