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Weather and Disaster Risk Reduction Services Department (WDS)

Functions of the Department

Under the Strategic Thrusts 1 and 2, the Department:

  • Implements programme activities towards achieving mainly the Expected Results 1, 6, and 7; and
  • Contributes programme activities towards achieving the Expected Results 2, 8 and 9.

The Department has overall responsibility for the delivery of Expected Results 1, 6 and 7.

The Department manages the following programmes and programme areas:

  • WWWP’s Global Data Processing and Forecasting System Programme (GDPFS) (Expected Results 1, 6, and 9);
  • WWW’Ps Emergency Response Activities Programme (ERA) (Expected Result 6);
  • AMP’s Aeronautical Meteorological Programme (AeMP) (Expected Results 1, 8 and 9);
  • WMO Quality Management Framework (QMF) (Expected Result 9);
  • AMP’s Marine Meteorology and Oceanography Programme (MMOP) - product generation, services, climate and research related contributions, and emergency support activities (Expected Results 1, 2, 6 and 7);
  • AMP’s Tropical Cyclone Programme (TCP) (Expected Results 1, 6, and 9);
  • AMP’s Public Weather Services Programme (PWS) (Expected Results 6, 7 and 9);
  • Disaster Risk Reduction Programme (DRR) (Expected Results 6 and 8).

The Department is responsible for supporting CAeM, JCOMM, CBS’s Open Programme Area on Public Weather Services and on Global Data Processing and Forecasting Systems, the EC Working Group on Disaster Risk Reduction [and Service Delivery], and regional tropical cyclone bodies.

Meteorological Applications Branch (MAP)



Data Processing and Forecasting Division (DPFS) GDPFS and ERA programmes
Aeronautical Meteorology Division (AEM) AEM Programme and Quality Management Framework activities. Lead Division for CAeM
Marine Meteorology and Ocean Affairs Division (MMO) MMO product generation and services; MMO contributions to climate and research programmes; emergency support activities.
Lead Division for JCOMM



Disaster Risk Reduction and Service Delivery Branch (DSD)



Disaster Risk Reduction Division (DRR) DRR programme and related cross-cutting activities. Lead Division for the EC Working Group on DRR [and Services]
Public Weather Services Division (PWS) PWS programme
Tropical Cyclone Programme Division (TCP) TCP programme; Lead Division for the regional Tropical Cyclone Bodies








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