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Climate and Water Department (CLW)

The Department is responsible for the implementation of the Hydrology and Water Resources Programme, the World Climate Programme (partly) and the Agricultural Meteorology Programme. It supports the WMO Commissions for Climatology (CCl) , Hydrology (CHy) and Agricultural Meteorology (CAgM) , and the Executive Council Working Group on Climate, and Related Water and Environment (EC-WG-CWE) matters.

Joint Expert Group on Climate, Food and Water

A new Joint Expert Group on Climate Food and Water has been established. The Group will oversee and coordinate activities of the WMO's Technical Commissions for Climatology, Hydrology and Agricultural Meteorology on matters related to applications of climate for risk management and adaptation in the food and water sectors, particularly in support of the Global Framework for Climate Services. The work will promote the availability and subsequent use within these sectors of climate and hydrological information (data, indices, products) and predictions in decisions related to reduction of risk (and enhancement of opportunity) from climate variability and to underpin effective strategies for dealing with climate change.




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