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Language, Conference and Publishing Services Department (LCP)

Functions of the Department

Under the Strategic Thrust 5, the Department is responsible for all support services including languages, interpretation, translation and electronic publication services, authoring and media copying services, sales of publications and publications distribution services contributing to the Expected Result 10. In addition the Department provides common shared services to the Secretariat including procurement, conference services and contracts management.

The Department has overall responsibility for the delivery of Expected Result 10.

The Department is responsible for supporting sessions of the Congress, Executive Council, regional associations, technical commissions and other major WMO meetings.


Linguistic Services and Publishing Branch (LSP)



Six Language Streams
Editing and translation into 6 UN languages, electronic publishing of session documents
Documentation and Publications Management Unit (DPMU) Coordination office for documents linguistic and publishing services, including electronic publishing, designing services
Printing and Electronic Publishing Unit (PEP) Printing and electronic publishing


Conferences, Contracts and Facilities Management Branch (CCFM)



Conference Services Unit (CNF)
Logistical services for all constituent body sessions and other WMO meetings, management of related contracts
Common Services Division (COS) Building management, security and common services
Procurement and Travel Services Division (PTS) Procurement of goods and services, travel administration


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