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Staff Counsellor

The purpose of the WMO Staff Counsellor is to listen to you, to provide you with guidance and to help you find solutions.

How can I help you?

Personal help

Help settling into Geneva, finding a flat and communication with real estate agents and local service providers.

Help and advice:

Professional, concerning working conditions and relationships, communication, motivation, stress management, sexual harassment,etc.

Social, psychosocial and medicosocial, concerning illness, separation, divorce, violent situations, sexual abuse, financial difficulties, etc.

Guidance, general information about schooling, studies,childcare, legal advice, marriage law, work permits, residence permits, naturalization, succession, social life, etc.

Administrative support when dealing with the Swiss Mission or the local Swiss and French authorities, i.e.residence permits for retiring staff, employment of domestic staff, etc.


Documentation on stress management, addictions and any health issues.

Collaboration with the Human Resources Management Division or with the United Nations Joint Medical Service for preventive activities within WMO.

Work life

I am open to both management and staff for any suggestion that could improve working relations, whether collective or individual, conflict and/or harassment.

Participation in working groups, etc.

Who can benefit from the service provided by the Staff Counsellor?

  • All WMO employees (both Secretariat and Regional Offices)
  • Their family members
  • Retired WMO staff

All discussions are strictly confidential

For more information

Staff Counsellor - WMO
Office : 0L10
7bis, Av. de la Paix
CH - 1211 Geneva 2,Switzerland
Tel. +41 022 730 83 47
Fax. +41 022 730 82 26

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