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WMO Programmes

WMO maintains many programmes, on such diverse topics as the physics and chemistry of clouds, agricultural meteorology, tropical cyclones, and the Antarctic. These programmes, the variety of which reflects the diversity of WMO's interests, are an indication of the global presence of WMO in many scientific fields relating to weather, climate and water.

Global Atmosphere Watch
World Weather Watch Programme
World Climate Programme
World Climate Research Programme
Hydrology and Water Resources Programme
Atmospheric Research and Environment Programme
Education and Training Programme
Technical Cooperation Programme
World Climate Data and Monitoring Programme
World Climate Applications and Services Programme
Programme on Physics and Chemistry of Clouds and Weather Modification Research
Applications of Meteorology Programme
Public Weather Services Programme
Agricultural Meteorology Programme
Aeronautical Meteorology Programme
Marine Meteorology and Associated Oceanographic Activities Programme
Global Atmosphere Watch
Global Observing System Programme
Global Telecommunications System
Global Climate Observing System
Instruments and Methods of Observation Programme
Tropical Cyclone Programme
Tropical Meteorology Research Programme
Regional Programme
Technical Cooperation Programme
Antarctic Activities Programme
Satellite Activities
World Weather Research Programme