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AEM Aeronautical Meteorology Division (MAP/WDS)
AER Atmospheric Environment Research Division (ARE/RES)
AGM Agricultural Meteorology Division (CLPA/CLW)
ARE Atmospheric Research and Environment Branch (RES)
ASG Assistant Secretary-General
BO Budget Office (REM)
BSH Basic Systems in Hydrology Division (HWR/CLW)
CBHWR Capacity Building in Hydrology and Water Resources Management Office (HWR)
CCA Climate Coordination Division (CLPA/CLW)
CCFM Conferences, Contracts and Facilities Management Branch (PSS)
CER Cabinet and External Relations Department
CLPA Climate Prediction and Adaptation Branch (CLW)
CLW Climate and Water Department
CNF Conferences Unit (CCFM/PSS)
COS Common Services Division (CCFM/PSS)
CPA Communications and Public Affairs Office (CER)
DMA WIS Data Management Applications Division (WIS)
DPMU Documents and Publications Management Unit (LSP/PSS)
DRA Development and Regional Activities Department
DRMM WIS Data Representation, Metadata and Monitoring Division (WIS/OBS)
DRR Disaster Risk Reduction Division (DSD/WDS)
DSD Disaster Risk Reduction and Service Delivery Branch (WDS)
DSG Deputy Secretary-General
ECM Entitlements and Contracts Management Unit (HRD/REM)
EPAS Performance Audit Service (IOO)
ESA WMO Office for Eastern and Southern Africa (RAF/DRA)
ETR Education and Training Office (DRA)
EULO Joint WMO/EUMETNET Office in Brussels (CER)
EUR Regional Office for Europe (DRA)
EXR External Relations Office (CER)
FEL Education and Fellowships Division (ETR/DRA)
FIN Finance Division (REM)
GCOS Global Climate Observing System (WIGOS/OBS)
HFWR Hydrological Forecasting and Water Resources Division (HWR/CLW)
HRD Human Resources Division (REM)
HWR Hydrology and Water Resources Branch (CLW)
IAS Internal Audit Service (IOO)
IMU Information Management Unit (ITD/REM)
IOO Internal Oversight Office
IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Secretariat
ITD Information Technology Division REM)
ITS Information and Telecommunication System Division (WIS/OBS)
JPO/WCRP Joint Planning Staff/World Climate Research Programme (RES)
LC Legal Counsel
LDCR Office for the Least Developed Countries Programme and Regional Coordination (DRA)
LIB Technical Library (IMU/ITD/REM)
LSP Linguistic Services and Publishing Branch (PSS)
MAP Meteorological Applications Branch (WDS)
NCAC WMO Office for North America, Central America and the Caribbean (RAM/DRA)
NCWA WMO Office for North, Central and West Africa (RAF/DRA)
NYLO New York Liaison Office (CER)
OBS Observing and Information Systems Department
OSD Observing Systems Division (WIGOS/OBS)
PO WIGOS WMO Integrated Observing Strategy planning office (WIGOS/OBS)
PSS Programme Support Services Department
PTS Procurement and Travel Services Division (CCFM/PSS)
PWMU Public Information Materials and Web Management Unit (CER)
PWS Public Weather Services Division (DSD/WDS)
RAF Regional Office for Africa (DRA)
RAM Regional Office for the Americas (DRA)
RAP Regional Office for Asia & South-West Pacific (DRA)
REM Resource Management Department
RES Research Department
RMU Registry and Mail Unit (IMU/ITD/REM)
RMO Resource Mobilization Office (DRA)
SAM WMO Office for South America(RAM/DRA)
SAT Space Programme Office (WIGOS/OBS)
SDU Satellite Data Utilization Division (SAT)
SG Secretary-General
SBOS Space-based Observing Systems Division (SAT/WIGOS/OBS)
SPO Strategic Planning Office
SPO Special Project Office
SSD Staffing Development and Staff Development (HRD/REM)
SWO Social Welfare Officer
SWOP WMO Office for the South-West Pacific (RAP/DRA)
TCP Tropical Cyclone Programme Division (DSD/WDS)
TRA Training Activities Division (ETR/DRA)
TRV Travel Unit (PTS/CCFM)
WA WMO Office for West Africa (RAF/DRA)
WCAS World Climate Applications and Services Division (CLPA/CLW)
WDS Weather and Disaster Risk Reduction Services Department
WIGOS WMO Integrated Global Observing System Branch (OBS)
WIS WMO Information SystemBranch (OBS)
WWR World Weather Research Division(ARE/RES)




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