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Latest scam notice

The most recent of these scams is an email announcing the following “event”:
Global Warming Conference Invitation
Fake> This is to announce the call for papers for the Global Warming Volunteer Group Conference
Fake> & Expo 11(GWVG Conference & Expo 11), 4th - 8th February 2011 at Crown London
Fake> Hotel, 45-51 Buckingham Gate London, SW1E 6AF United Kingdom.
The scam offers free airfare, but asks you to submit a deposit for your hotel or registration, usually by a Western Union money transfer, whose recipient cannot be traced.

These scams are very sophisticated, using all of the buzz-words found in legitimate conference announcements:
GWVG Conference & Expo 11 welcomes conceptual and research-based papers covering sustainable innovation, technology, product and service design and development. Papers focused on low carbon solutions and sustainable innovation related to the following topics are particularly welcomed:

  • Global Warming and Climate Change and the Oceans
  • Sustainable Environment, Health and Development
  • Remote Sensing and Global Surveillance
  • Water Resources Management
  • Carbon & GHG Management

Some of the scam emails claim association with the United Nations. Some versions of this scam include links to fake websites that have copied the web sites of legitimate organizations.

Do not respond to these emails. Do not send in any papers, personal information, banking details, etc. Do not wire money.


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