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Climate and food security

marketFrom the perspective of world food security, it is important to recognize that food security involves climate, not only as a natural hazard but also as a natural resource. Climate is a renewable resource, but is variable in time and space. For proper and efficient use of the other two natural resources (soil and plant/animal genetic material) for sustainable agriculture, knowledge of the role of climate is an essential precondition. Climate can be regarded as the driving variable for sustainable production of plant, animal and soil resources. WMO Members contribute to this activity by providing accurate weather and climate observations, anaylses and forecasts that are used by the agricultural community to increase crop and livestock yields, plan their planting and harvest time and reduce pests and diseases.

Seasonal to interannual climate forecasts  

title1WMO partner institutions routinely provide real-time regional climate outlook products. Many of these products are produced by a regional collaboration process. [More information]

World AgroMeteorological Information Service (WAMIS)

title1 WAMIS is a WMO sponsored Website that provides agro- meteorological products issued by WMO Members which are available to the global agricultural community on a near real-time basis. WAMIS also provides agrometeorological tools and resources on more than 15 topics. [WAMIS Website]


WMO brochures  

windmill WMO has many brochures on a range of topics such as weather and climate issues related to food security, climate change, drought, land degradation and desertification.
[More information]

Weather, climate and farmers 

title1Roving seminars on weather. climate and farmers were developed by National Meteorological Services (NMSs) with WMO guidance to increase the interaction between NMHSs and the agricultural community.
[More information]


Relevant Meetings


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