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Internal Oversight Office

The Internal Oversight Office (IOO) provides an independent, objective verification of financial, administrative and operational activities of WMO. It uses a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effective, efficient and economical use of all resources. (For more click here.)

External Auditor

The independent External Auditor, appointed by the Executive Council, audits the financial statements of the Organization, including all trust funds and special accounts, and issuing reports on the results. (For more click here.)

Financial Advisory Committee

The Financial Advisory Committee (FINAC) provides advice from WMO Members on financial matters and the affordability, sustainability and implementation of the results-based budget to Congress and the Executive Council. (For more click here.)

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is mandated by the Executive Council (EC) to make observations and provide feedback to EC and the Secretary-General on all matters relating to the legality, compliance, effectiveness, efficiency and economy of the WMO Secretariat management practice, including accounting, finance, ethics, rules, regulations and procedures, in order to assist EC in carrying out its oversight activities. (For more click here.)



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