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Executive Council (EC)

The Executive Council is the executive body of the Organization, which meets annually, implements decisions of Congress, coordinates the programmes, examines the utilization of budgetary resources, considers and takes action on recommendations of regional associations and technical commissions and guides their work programme, provides technical information, counsel and assistance in the fields of activity of the Organization and studies and takes action on matters affecting international meteorology and related activities.

The Council is composed of 37 directors of National Meteorological or Hydrometeorological Services, serving in an individual capacity as representatives of the Organization and not as representatives of particular Members thereof. They include the President and three Vice-Presidents who are elected by Congress, and the presidents of the six regional associations, by whom they are elected. The remaining 27 members are elected by Congress. Acting members are elected by the Executive Council if any place becomes vacant before the next Congress.

  (Updated 02/2018 )

Composition of the Executive Council

    Executive Council President: Mr David GRIMES (Canada)

    Executive Council First Vice-President: Mr Robert VARLEY (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

    Executive Council Second Vice-President: - Vacant - ()

    Executive Council Third Vice-President: - Vacant - ()

Ex officio members of the Executive Council (presidents of regional associations)
    Regional Association I President: Mr Daouda KONATE (Côte d'Ivoire)
    Regional Association II President: Mr Abdullah Ahmed AL MANDOOS (United Arab Emirates)
    Regional Association III President: Mr David GRIMES (Canada)
    Regional Association IV President: Mr Juan Carlos FALLAS SOJO (Costa Rica)
    Regional Association V President: Dr Andi Eka SAKYA (Indonesia)
    Regional Association VI President: Dr Michael STAUDINGER (Austria)

Members of the Executive Council
    Mr Fetene TESHOME - Ethiopia - Executive Council Elected Member
    Dr Agnes L. KIJAZI (Ms) - United Republic of Tanzania - Executive Council Elected Member
    Mr Daouda KONATE - Côte d'Ivoire - Executive Council Elected Member
    Dr Mamadou Lamine BAH - Guinea - Executive Council Elected Member
    Dr Ahmed ABD EL-AAL - Egypt - Executive Council Acting Member
    Mr Richard PHILIPPE - Cameroon - Executive Council Elected Member

    Dr Toshihiko HASHIDA - Japan - Executive Council Acting Member
    Dr Kanduri Jayaram RAMESH - India - Executive Council Acting Member
    Dr Ayman Salem GHULAM - Saudi Arabia - Executive Council Elected Member
    Ms LIU Yaming - China - Executive Council Acting Member

    Prof. Andrea Celeste SAULO (Ms) - Argentina - Executive Council Elected Member
    Dr Guillermo E. NAVARRO - Chile - Executive Council Elected Member

    Dr Albert A.E. MARTIS - Curaçao and Sint Maarten - Executive Council Acting Member
    Mr Tyrone W. SUTHERLAND - British Caribbean Territories - Executive Council Elected Member
    Dr Louis W. UCCELLINI - United States of America - Executive Council Acting Member

    Ms WONG Chin Ling - Singapore - Executive Council Elected Member
    Mr Ravind KUMAR - Fiji - Executive Council Elected Member
    Dr Andrew JOHNSON - Australia - Executive Council Acting Member

    Colonel (A.M.) Silvio CAU - Italy - Executive Council Acting Member
    Mr Jean-Marc LACAVE - France - Executive Council Elected Member
    Mr Miguel Angel LOPEZ GONZALEZ - Spain - Executive Council Elected Member
    Prof. Dr Gerhard ADRIAN - Germany - Executive Council Elected Member
    Mr Ismail GÜNES - Turkey - Executive Council Elected Member




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