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Executive Council Panel of Experts on Polar and High Mountian Observations, Research and Services
Terms of reference (Resolution 3 (EC-67))


  1. President (Co-chairperson)
  2. S. Barrell (Co-chairperson) - Australia
  3. U.K. Korsholm – Denmark
  4. B. Arheimer (Ms) - Sweden
  5. G. Béchard (Ms) – Canada
  6. S. Carpentier – Australia
  7. L. Chang’a Tanzania
  8. S. Colwell - United Kingdom (Expert from Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research)
  9. C. Scott - USA
  10. M. Drinkwater – Netherlands (ESA)
  11. K. Falkner (Ms) - USA
  12. C. Fierz – Switzerland (President, International Association of Cryospheric Sciences) (IACS)
  13. A. Frolov - Russian Federation
  14. R. Hartig - Germany
  15. P. Etala (Ms) - Argentina
  16. Ø. Hov - Norway
  17. H. Lantuit - Germany
  18. J. Ikävalko (Ms) - Finland
  19. A. Jönsson (Ms) - Sweden
  20. T. Jung – Germany (Head of the International Coordination Office for Polar Prediction)
  21. J. Key - USA
  22. A. Klepikov - Russian Federation
  23. Kyung-On Boo (Ms) - Republic of Korea
  24. S.J. Park - Republic of Korea
  25. G. Pedrini - Italy
  26. V. Rachold – Germany (IASC Secretariat)
  27. L.-O. Reiersen – Norway (Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme Secretariat)
  28. J. Renwick - New Zealand
  29. P. Uribe Ribaidí (Ms) - Chile
  30. K. Satheesan - India
  31. A. Snorrason - Iceland
  32. J. Stander - South Africa
  33. H. Tangen – Norway
  34. V. Vitale - Italy
  35. C. Xiao – China
  36. T. Yamanouchi – Japan
  37. Expert (TBD) – France
  38. Expert (TBD) - Morocco

(Observers may be invited by the Chair)
Reports of past sessions

Executive Council Panel of Experts on Gender Mainstreaming
Terms of reference (Draft Resolution 2 (EC-67))


  1. L. Makuleni (Chairperson) - South Africa
  2. S.M.O. Aura – Kenya
  3. M. Egaña (Mr) - Chile
  4. A. Diougue - Senegal
  5. L. Furgione - USA
  6. M. Jabbari - Islamic Republic of Iran
  7. D. Johnston - Canada
  8. A.L. Kijazi - United Republic of Tanzania
  9. J. Kongoti (Mr) - Kenya
  10. S. Moxey-Bonamy - Bahamas
  11. Ciara Marcigli - Italy
  12. M. Petrova - Russian Federation
  13. K. Lisette Quevedo  – Peru
  14. R. Varley (Mr) – United Kingdom
  15. J. Ukeje – Nigeria

 (Additional Experts can be invited by Chairperson at the cost of Governments. Presidents of relevant technical commissions to be invited as experts by the Chairperson, as appropriate)

Executive Council Panel of Experts on Education and Training

Terms of reference (Resolution 7 (EC-66))


  1. President (Chairperson)
  2. Enric Aguilar – Spain
  3. Stella Aura (Ms) – Kenya
  4. Claudia Campetella (Ms) - Argentina
  5. Zhanghang Dong – China
  6. David Farrell - British Caribbean Territories
  7. Richard Jeffries – USA
  8. Winifred Jordaan (Ms) - South Africa
  9. Zhiyu Liu – China
  10. Maria Mamaeva (Ms) - Russian Federation
  11. Jennifer Milton (Ms) – Canada
  12. Didier Reboux – France
  13. Chris Webster - New Zealand

(Presidents of relevant technical commissions to be invited as experts by the chairperson, as appropriate)

Executive Council Panel of Experts on Capacity Development
Terms of reference (Resolution 4 (EC-67))


  1. First Vice-President (Co-chairperson)
  2. T. Sutherland (Co-chairperson)
  3. President of RA I
  4. President of RA V
  5. President of CBS
  6. President of CHy
  7. Chairperson of VCP IPM
  8. R. Philippe
  9. F. Teshome
  10. A.S. Ghulam
  11. Ko Yunhwa
  12. J.-M. Lacave
  13. A. Martiz
  14. A.C. Saulo
  15. R. Kumar

    Harri Pieterilla – Finland
    Jorge Tamayo – Spain

(Invited experts and representatives of ODAs, international development entities, UN agencies, and academic institutions)

Working Groups

Executive Council Working Group on WMO Strategic and Operational Planning
Terms of reference (Resolution 1 (EC-67))


  1. President (Chairperson)
  2. President of RA I
  3. President of RA II
  4. President of RA III
  5. President of RA IV
  6. President of RA VI
  7. A. Anuforom
  8. L.M. Bah
  9. L. Makuleni (Ms)
  10. T. Hashida
  11. Zheng Guoguang
  12. G. Navarro
  13. L. Furgione (Ms)
  14. S. Barrell
  15. C.L. Wong
  16. J.-M. Lacave
  17. M.A. Lopez Gonzalez
  18. R. Varley

(Presidents of relevant technical commissions, regional associations, and other experts could be invited by the chair, as appropriate)

Executive Council Working Group on Disaster Risk Reduction
Terms of reference(Resolution 5 (EC-67))


  1. Second Vice-President (Co-chairperson)
  2. Third Vice-President (Co-chairperson)
  3. President RA III
  4. President RA IV
  5. President RA V
  6. President RA VI
  7. A. Kijazi (Ms)
  8. D. Konate
  9. T. Hashida
  10. Zheng Guoguang
  11. A.C. Saulo
  12. L. Furgione (Ms)
  13. R. Kumar
  14. I. Günes
  15. S. Cau
  16. R.Varley

Task Teams

Executive Council Task Team on Data Policy and Emerging Issues

Terms of Reference (Resolution 7 (EC-67))

  1. Third Vice-President (Chairperson)
  2. President of RA I
  3. President of RA III
  4. A. Anuforom
  5. L.S. Rathore
  6. G. Navarro
  7. A. Frolov
  8. S. Cau
  9. C.L. Wong

    Expert: C. Wooldridge – USA


Audit Committee
Terms of reference
(Resolution 8 (EC-LXIII))


Mamadou Bah - Guinea
John Fox - USA
Linda Makuleni (Ms) - South Africa
Graham Miller - United Kingdom
Suresh Sharma - Nepal
Catherine Vendat (Ms) – France
Zhang Long – China

Selection Committee for membership of the ETR Panel of Experts on Education


President RA IV (Chairperson)
President RA III
President RA VI
D. Konate

Selection Committee for membership of the WMO Audit Committee


J.-M- Lacave (Chairperson)
A.S. Ghulam
G. Navarro
C.L. Wong

Selection Committee for the membership of the JSC/WCRP


A. Mokssit (Chairperson)
L.S. Rathore
A.C. Saulo
A. Frolov

WMO Staff Pension Committee
Terms of reference


M. Ostojski
L. Makuleni (Ms)
T. Sutherland
alternate A. Hardej-Januszek

Selection Committee for the IMO Prize


G. Zheng(Chairperson)
A. Kijazi

T. Sutherland
Selection Committee for the WMO Research Award for Young Scientists
More info

Zheng Guoguang (Chairperson)
R. Philippe
A.C. Saulo
M. Lopez Gonzalez
A. Martis

Selection Committee for the Professor Dr Vilho Väisälä Award

T. Sutherland (Chairperson)
L.S. Rathore
S. Cau
President of CIMO

Other bodies reporting to the Executive Council

Joint WMO/IOC/ICSU Scientific Committee for the World Climate Research Programme
Steering Committee for the Global Climate Observing System
Meetings of Presidents of Technical Commissions (Resolution 4 (EC-LX))
Meetings of Presidents of Regional Associations (Resolution 2 (EC-66))
Joint Meetings of Presidents of Regional Associations and Technical Commissions (Resolution 2 (EC-66)
WMO Consultative Meetings on High-level Policy on Satellite Matters
(Resolution 6 (Cg-XIV))
Intercommission Coordination Group on WIGOS (Resolution 8 (EC-67))



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