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Policy documents

Basic Documents No. 1 (2012 edition) (WMO-No. 15)
Agreements and Working Arrangements (WMO-No. 60)
Memorandums of Understanding
Resolutions of Congress and the Executive Council (WMO-No. 508)
Geneva declaration (Cg-XIII, Annex IV)
  EC statement on the role and operation of NMHSs (EC-LVII, Annex VII)
pdf WMO statement on the role and operation of NMHSs for Directors (Cg-XVI, Annex to paragraph 11.7.1 of the General Summary).

Guidelines on the Role, Operation And Management of the National Meteorological or Hydrometeorological Services (NMS)

pdf Cg-XVII Statement (Annex XV of the summary report.)


Standards (Technical Regulations)

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