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Regional associations

Six regional associations are responsible for the coordination of meteorological, hydrological and related activities within their respective Regions: Region I (Africa), Regional II (Asia), Region III (South America), Region IV (North America, Central America and the Caribbean), Region V (South-West Pacific) and Region VI (Europe). They meet in their respective Regions once every four years, when they elect a president and a vice-president.

The president of each regional association is an ex officio member of the Executive Council.

  (Updated 05/2016 )

Presidents, vice-presidents and hydrological advisors


      REGION I 
       President: Dr Amos MAKARAU, Zimbabwe
       Vice-President: Mr Daouda KONATE, Côte d'Ivoire
       Regional Hydrological Adviser: Mr Hassen Lotfi FRIGUI, Tunisia

      REGION II 
       - Vacant -,
       - Vacant -,
       Regional Hydrological Adviser: Dr Sung KIM, Republic of Korea

       President: Lic. Julián BÁEZ, Paraguay
       - Vacant -,
       Regional Hydrological Adviser: Dr Dora GONIADZKI (Ms), Argentina

      REGION IV 
       President: Mr Juan Carlos FALLAS SOJO, Costa Rica
       Vice-President: Dr Albert A.E. MARTIS, Curaçao and Sint Maarten
       Regional Hydrological Adviser: Dr Eduardo PLANOS Gutiérrez, Cuba

      REGION V 
       President: Dr Andi Eka SAKYA, Indonesia
       Vice-President: Mr 'Ofa FA'ANUNU, Tonga
       Regional Hydrological Adviser: Mr John FENWICK, New Zealand

      REGION VI 
       President: Mr Ivan CACIC, Croatia
       Vice-President: Ms Vida AUGULIENE, Lithuania
       - Vacant -,

All Regional Association reports are available in the WMO Library



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