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Technical commissions

The eight technical commissions are composed of experts designated by Members and are responsible for studying meteorological and hydrological operational systems, applications and research. They establish methodology and procedures and make recommendations to the Executive Council and the Congress. The technical commissions usually meet once every four years, when they elect a President and Vice-President. The Commission for Basic Systems holds an extraordinary session in between.


Meetings of Presidents of technical commissions

Meetings of Presidents of technical commissions are organized on an annual basis and are chaired in rotation by the Vice-Presidents of WMO.


Presidents and Vice-Presidents


Commission for Basic Systems (CBS)
President: Frederick R. BRANSKI (USA)
Vice-President: S.L BARRELL (Ms) (Australia)

Commission for Instruments and Methods of Observation (CIMO)
President: Bertrand CALPINI (Switzerland)
Vice-President: Bruce Ward FORGAN (Australia)

Commission for Hydrology (CHy)
President: Harry F. LINS (USA)
Vice-President: Zhiyu LIU (China)

Commission for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS)
President: Oystein Hov (Norway)
Vice-president: Jaecheol Nam (Republic of Korea)

Commission for Aeronautical Meteorology (CAeM)
President: Chi Ming SHUN (Hong Kong, China)
Vice-President: Ian LISK (United Kingdom)

Commission for Agricultural Meteorology (CAgM)
President: Byong LEE (Republic of Korea)
Vice-President: Federica ROSSI (Italy)

Commission for Climatology (CCl)
President: Thomas C. PETERSON (USA)
Vice-President: Barbara Tapia (Chile)

Joint WMO-IOC Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology (JCOMM)
Co-Presidents: Nadia PINARDI (Italia) and Johan STANDER (South Africa)




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