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WMO is committed to ensuring the accessibility of its website and services to all users. In accordance with Article 9(g) of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and in support of that Convention, WMO is engaged in reforming its website. This is being done on the basis of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines specified by the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Accessibility Initiative. Given the nature and complexity of the content, the following has been done so far for English language pages version only as a start:

  • Easy to read fonts and clear styles (persistent and alternating) to distinguish between headers, texts and figures
  • Screen reading support with zooming text effect (see black toolbar above: 'zoom' option)
  • Text equivalents for graphics/images
  • Keyboard shortcuts for main navigation items
  • Reduced download time for pages
  • Simple writing/editing style for non-scientific information
  • Change of page display to high-contrast colour (see option below on your left 'Screen color contrast for visually impaired')
  • Text-only version navigation, also useful for mobile and portable devices
  • Main Web software tools configured for Web authoring accessibility

It is clear that finding solutions is a continuous process and figures among our priorities. Please contact us for any support you may need.

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