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Based on WMO web page design layout and structure from left to right:

Access key Command Description
p Print Print page function
b Bookmark Setup browser bookmark
x RSS RSS news syndication
- / + Decrease Zoom out
Increase font zoom in fonts
q Share Share any web page
r Recommend Recommend or send to friend
g Google map Map in google
h Home WMO Homepage
c Contact us Contact WMO
t Topics Topics listing
l Links Links to external sites
s UN System UN System retrieval
f FAQ Frequently asked questions
h Help Look for help in our site
a Accessibility Accessible site
$ Back to top Go top of the page
y Copyright Copyright
i Privacy policy Policy
0 Scams Spam
d Disclaimer Disclaimer
e Guidelines Guidelines
m Procurement WMO Procurement deparment
n Languages Standard languages on-line
. PDF conversion Convert any page to PDF
! Screen color contrast  
v Text-only version  
1 Each item or topic on the main WMO left-hand navigation bar is accessible through a corresponding number in ascending order from 1 to 69.
1 Being the first one in the list "ABOUT - WMO in brief" and 69 being the latest "Youth"






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