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Media calendar 2013

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Date Event Venue
14-15 January Meting of Presidents of Technical Commissions Geneva
11-15 March

High-level meeting on National Drought Policy, Towards More Drought Resilient Societies

22 March

World Water Day


23 March

World Meteorological Day: Watching the Weather to protect life and property. Celebrating 40 years of the World Weather Watch Global
8-12 April

Hurricane Committee of the Regional Association for North America, Central America and the Caribbean


13-19 April

Regional Association for North America, Central America and the Caribbean meets

29 April-3 May Meeting of the WMO Forum: Social and Economic Applications and Benefits of Weather, Climate and Water Services Geneva
15 - 23 May Executive Council Geneva
1-5 July 1st session of the Intergovernmental Board on Climate Services Geneva
15-18 October

Africa Climate Conference 2013 (other link)

Arusha, Tanzania
21-23 October Third Conference on Climate Change and Development in Africa (other link) Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
4-7 November International Conference on Regional Climate – CORDEX Brussels, Belgium
6 November Release of WMO’s Annual Greenhouse Gas Bulletin (to be confirmed) Geneva
11-22 November United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP19) Warsaw, Poland
13 November Release of Provisional Statement on the Status of the Global Climate 2013 (to be confirmed) Geneva / Warsaw
18-19 November Commission on Atmospheric Sciences Technical Conference on Responding to the Environmental Stresses of 21st Century Antalya, Turkey
20-26 November Commission on Atmospheric Sciences Antalya, Turkey


Media calendar 2014

Date Event Venue
24 March World Meteorological Day - Weather and Climate: Engaging Youth Global





This calendar covers meetings of media interest organized by WMO and major events with significant WMO contribution

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