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(January 2010)

Hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons are tropical cyclones with maximum sustained wind speed exceeding 119 km/h near their centres, and every year responsible of thousands of victims. Although loss of lives from tropical cyclones has significantly decreased over the last decades, economic losses have increased substantially. The decrease in fatalities is, at a large extent, attributed to the improvement in the tropical cyclones forecasting and early warning systems. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Tropical Cyclone Programme is aimed to establish national and regionally coordinated systems to ensure that the loss of lives and damage caused by tropical cyclones are reduced to a minimum. >> full text

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1 - Storm Naming in the Atlantic Ocean region
(September 2008)

The practice of naming storms began years ago in order to help in the quick identification of tropical cyclones in warning messages because names are presumed to be far easier to remember than numbers and technical terms. Many agree that appending names to storms makes it easier for the media to report on cyclones, heightens interest in warnings and increases community preparedness. >> full text




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