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May 12 : World Climate Conference-3, International Conference Centre Geneva (CICG), Geneva, Switzerland, 31 August to 4 September 2009

For use of the information media. Not an official record


Representatives of the mass media — press, photo, radio and television — will need to be accredited for the coverage of the Conference.

Completed application form (see forms, available in English and French only), together with a letter of assignment on official letterhead from the Editor or Bureau Chief, a copy of the press card and a copy of the passport, should be sent to:

(pre-accreditation and accreditation)

United Nations Office at Geneva

Information Service

1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland

Fax: (+41) 22 917 00 73 or 917 00 30


No acknowledgement will be mailed to you. 

PLEASE NOTE:  application forms will be considered only if accompanied by a letter of assignment.  Incomplete applications will not be processed.  Accreditation is free of charge.

Correspondents already possessing a valid United Nations grounds pass (United Nations Headquarters or United Nations Office at Geneva) will not need additional accreditation for the Conference.

Each member of the press accompanying a Head of State, Head of Government or Head of Delegation is also required to complete an application form for accreditation.  In these cases, the form must be attached to an official letter from the permanent mission of the country concerned and should be addressed to the Press and External Relations Section, United Nations Information Service, at the above address.  The letter must list the names of the media representatives with their functional titles and affiliation (i.e. news media organization).

All members of the press corps must present themselves to the Security and Identity Unit, located “Pregny Gate”, 14 avenue de la Paix, Geneva, Switzerland, where they will be issued a badge that gives them access to the United Nations grounds and for the CICG upon presentation of a national passport or another valid photo ID.

For security reasons, each member of the press corps will be required to wear the UN press badge for the Conference.

The Media Accreditation office will be open from today to 31 August, from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m and from 2 p.m to 6 p.m. On 31 August, the Media Accreditation office will be open from 8 a.m to 6 p.m.

All media personnel are advised to arrive early to allow sufficient time for screening.  Last-minute arrivals may encounter delays.

Access to the United Nations Office at Geneva: A U.N. media photo ID will be needed.  Two types of badge will be issued, one for accredited media and one for weather presenters (no-NGO/Media or Delegation/Media co-badging).

Access to CICG: Media with badges will have access to all public meetings. The plenary and parallel sessions will take place in at the CICG. Seats will be reserved for the media in a press gallery.

Visual media: Television crews and photographers should make arrangements in advance for different placement within the rooms.

All accredited journalists will have access to the CICG cafeteria, as well as the U.N. bars, cafeteria and restaurant on the 8th floor of the Palais de Nations.

A press room will be set up on the basement level of the CICG in Room 18.  Please note that computers will be available only for “emergencies”.  There will be Wi-Fi access and two printers in the press room. Press releases will be made available in the press room. Limited host broadcasting services will be available. More information will be provided online at a later stage.

On 30 June 2009, a media kit (embargoed, 16:00 GMT) will be launched during press conferences worldwide. The main launch will take place in Geneva, Switzerland. In addition, regional and national launches will take place. Locations for the regional launches are: Bangkok, Brussels, Moscow, Nairobi, New York, San José and Santiago. A media advisory with additional details will be released in mid-June.

During WCC-3, daily briefings for journalists will be held at 12:00 at CICG, in Room 15 (same level as the press room), and the press conferences will be announced daily. The opening press conference will take place on 31 August 2009, at 10:30.

During WCC-3, WMO and Media 21 are co-organizing a workshop for journalists on anticipating climate risks. For more information, please contact Mr Flavio Lucchesi, Fundraising Coordinator, Media 21, tel: +41 22 901 33 33, E-mail:

The World Climate Broadcasts Forum on 2 September 2009 will bring together professional weather presenter associations to address the public need for climate outlooks (see WMO Press Release No. 844).


Website of the Conference: (English, French, Spanish)


WMO is the United Nations' authoritative voice on weather, climate and water

Media contacts at WMO:

Carine Richard-Van Maele, Chief, Communications and Public Affairs, tel: +41 (0) 22 730 83 15, e-mail:

Lisa Muñoz, WCC-3 Press Officer, tel: +41 (0) 22 730 8213, e-mail:

Gaëlle Sevenier, Press Officer, tel: +41 (0) 22 730 8417, e-mail:

Kosmos Akande-Alasoka, Public Information Officer (Audiovisual), tel: +41 (0) 22 730 80 97, e-mail:






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