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Geneva, 28 August 2009 (WMO) - The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) announced today that the Italian-language version of the award-winning website for the WMO official city weather forecasts was launched in collaboration with the Servizio Meteorologico dell’Aeronautica Militare, the national weather service of Italy.

This new website ( makes available to Italian-speaking communities the latest official weather forecasts of the world's cities issued by National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs).  It is the Italian version of the World Weather Information Service (WWIS) website, pioneered by WMO and coordinated by the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) in the English language since 2001.  WWIS is now serving the international community in eight different languages including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and now, Italian.          

The Secretary-General of WMO, Michel Jarraud, expressed appreciation for the way many WMO Members have joined the WMO project and set up the world weather website in different languages.  As travel becomes more common these days, people would find it helpful to be able to gain access to weather information of the cities they plan to visit anytime, anywhere and more importantly, in their own languages.           

Mr Alessandro De Pedys, Consul General of Italy in Hong Kong, China congratulated the Servizio Meteorologico Italiano, HKO and WMO, for jointly bringing the Italian-language version of the WWIS website into operation.             

The WWIS website offers authoritative and reliable weather information to all Internet users, who are often bewildered by the diversity of weather forecasts for overseas cities presented by a wide array of service providers often without in-depth understanding of local weather.           

WMO established the WWIS in 2000 and requested the HKO to develop and operate the website.  WWIS website ( is the world’s first and only website for official city forecasts issued by the respective NMHSs of WMO Member countries.           

Presently, 122 WMO Members supply official weather forecasts for 1,321 cities to the website.  The website also contains climatological data for the cities, which are extremely useful for travel planning months in advance.    Users can also visit the websites of individual NMHSs, to find out more about the respective countries, by following the links given on the website. WWIS now registers on average more than 10 million page visits every month.


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