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IPCC Peace Scholarships Fund

We are happy to announce that on 9 July 2009, the IPCC Peace Scholarships Fund was opened for donations. We gratefully acknowledge the first contribution from Gro Harlem Brundtland, who has served in several prominent positions, notably as Prime Minister of Norway and Director General of the World Health Organization.

The decision to set up this fund was taken by plenary after the IPCC was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on 9 December 2007. Its purpose is to strengthen and expand scientific capacity in those countries of the world that will be the worst affected by the impacts of climate change.

When enough additional funds have been committed to establish a sustained process, scholarships will be attributed to young scientists from developing countries, especially from Least Developed Countries, to undertake doctorate and post-doctorate studies.

Scholars will be carefully selected and given support to develop their knowledge and experience, and enable them to understand and contribute to climate science and modeling, assessment of the impacts of climate change, formulation of response strategies and design of situation-specific solutions in different focus areas :

- Food security and agriculture
- Transport, habitat and human settlement
- Energy supply and water resources
- Disasters and extreme events
- Health and climate-related diseases

The partners of the IPCC Peace Scholarship Fund will be associated with a programme that offers some unique features both related to the Nobel Peace Prize and the IPCC quality brand, such as :

- A high quality network in the scientific community and academia worldwide
- A frontline and global interface with policymakers and industry
- A unique awareness of gaps in knowledge as well as best practices
- A clear governance structure with a transparent pyramid of accountability

For the funding proposal, the bank details and any other information on the Fund, kindly contact:

Brenda Abrar-Milani
IPCC Partnerships consultant
Tel. +41 22 730 83 96



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