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Maria Mutagamba

Hon. Maria Mutagamba


  Sir David king

Sir David King, Chief Scientific Adviser to HM Government,
United Kingdom


William J. Clinton

United Nations Special Envoy for Tsunami Recovery and former US President,
William J. Clinton


  Prof J. Shukla

Prof. J. Shukla


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Other features

cover A short history of a long success story (2006)
Feature article in: WCRP Annual Report (2006-2007)
  cover Communicating climate research to decision makers (2007)
Feature article in: WCRP Annual Report (2006-2007)
emily Advances in tropical cyclone motion prediction and recommendations for the future
by Russell L. Elsberry
  madrid conference poster Towards secure and sustainable
living: outcomes of the WMO
international conference
bent palmtrees Collaborative research at
the intersection of weather
and climate

by Mitchell W. Moncrieff, Melvyn A. Shapiro, Julia M. Slingo and
Franco Molteni
  L. Bengtsson Tropical cyclones in a warmer climate
by Lennart Bengtsson
water drop A new western hemisphere
24-hour rainfall record

by R. Cerveny, V. Davydova Belitskaya, P. Bessemoulin, M. Cortez, C. Landsea and T. C. Peterson






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