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WWOSCThe World Weather Open Science Conference (WWOSC),
Montreal, 16–21 August:

This ground-breaking conference will bring together the entire weather science and user communities for the first time to review the state-of-the-art and map out the scientific frontiers for the next decade and more. We encourage you to come to the conference in Montreal to take part and contribute to what promises to be a once in a generation event.

The Climate Symposium 2014 Darmstadt, Germany, 13–17 October:

Organized by WCRP and EUMETSAT, the symposium will be an important step towards defining requirements, and the further development of an efficient and sustained international space-based Earth observing system. 

3rd International Conference on El Niño "Bridging the gaps between the Global ENSO Science and the regional processes, extremes and impacts", Guayaquil, Ecuador (GFCS), 12–14 November:

The Conference aims to review the progress on global El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and regional processes in order to improve the prediction of ENSO and its related regional impacts. This CIIFEN initiative is very important and relevant to the implementation of the GFCS, and the contribution should be used primarily to support the participation of the NMHS's and users in the initial four priority aereas of the GFCS (agriculture and food security, disaster risk reduction, health and water).








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