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Responsibilities of advisers/focal points on external relations

  • Drafting of WMO correspondence;
  • Preparing correspondence with other NMHSs;
  • Preparing correspondence with other international bodies;
  • Liaison with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and development/aid agency;
  • Liaison with other government authorities and NGOs;
  • Serving as adviser to PR or delegate at WMO meetings;
  • Serving as focal point on technical cooperation;
  • Serving as negotiator in international partnerships;
  • Making arrangements of logistics for bilateral activities;
  • Serving as project manager for technical cooperation projects;
  • Provision of interpretation and translation services;
  • Operation of an overseas visits programme;
  • Helping PR in enhancing the visibility of the NMHS and establishing the benefits of international cooperation, to avoid the NMHS being marginalized;
  • Facilitating communications between the PR and WMO;
  • Helping understand one another’s cultures;
  • Facilitating the exchange of information between advisers/focal points;
  • Provision of advice to PR on the establishment of a legal instrument, if not yet available; this legislation should empower the NMHS to engage in international cooperation;
  • Other duties related external relations and international cooperation.




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