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List of Acronyms

ACARS Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System
ACC Area Control Centre
ADS Automatic Dependent Surveillance
AeMP Aeronautical Meteorology Programme
AFS Aeronautical Fixed Service
ALPA Air Line Pilots Association
AMDAR Aircraft Meteorological Data Relay
AmPaSAP AMDAR Pilot Project on Southern Africa
AMS American Meteorological Society
ANSEP Air Navigation Services Economics Panel
ASDAR Aircraft-to-satellite Data Relay
ASECNA Agency for Air Safety in Africa and Madagascar
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATEAM Advanced Techniques Applied to Aeronautical Meteorology
ATM Air Traffic Management
ATS Air Traffic Services
AWG Advisory Working Group
AWOS Automated Weather Observing Systems
CAeM Commission for Aeronautical Meteorology
CAS Commission for Atmospheric Sciences
CAT Clear Air Turbulence
CBS Commission for Basic Systems
CICG Geneva International Conference Centre
CIMO Commission for Instruments and Methods of Observation
COMET Cooperative Programme for Operational Meteorology Education and Training
COM/MET/OPS Communications/Meteorology/Operations
CTBT Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
DBCP Data Buoy Cooperation Panel
D-ATIS Data-link Automatic Terminal Information Service
D-VOLMET Data-link Meteorological Information for Aircraft in Flight (VOLMET)
EANPG European Air Navigation Planning Group
EDR Eddy Dissipation Rate
EVG Equivalent Vertical Gust
5LTP Fifth WMO Long-term Plan
FAR False Alarm Rate
GDPS Global Data-processing System
GOS Global Observing System
GTS Global Telecommunication System
IAOPA International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations
IATA International Air Transport Association
IAVW International Airways Volcano Watch
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
IDCS International Data-collection System
IFALPA International Federation of Air Line Pilots Associations
IFR Instrument Flight Rules
IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
ISCS International Satellite Communications System
METLINK Meteorological Link
MOR Meteorological Optical Range
MOS Model Output Statistics
MTSAT Multifunctional Transport Satellite
MWO Meteorological Watch Office
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NMHS National Meteorological and Hydrological Service
NMS National Meteorological or Hydrometeorological Service
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NTSB National Transportation Safety Board
NWP Numerical Weather Prediction
NWS National Weather Service
OCAP Operating Consortium of ASDARParticipants
OPAG Open Programme Area Group
OPMET Operational Meteorological Information
OPSG Operations Group
PC-GRIDDS PC-based Gridded Interactive Display and Diagnostic System
PIREP Pilot Report
PoD Probability of Detection
PROMET Working Group on the Provision of Meteorological Information Required Before and During Flight (former title)
PROMET Working Group on the Provision of Meteorological Information Required by Civil Aviation (new title)
RA Regional Association
RAFC Regional Area Forecast Centre
RAOB Rawindsonde Observation
RMS Root-Mean-Square
RMTN Regional Meteorological Telecommunication Network
RTH Regional Telecommunication Hub
RVR Runway Visual Range
SADIS Satellite Distribution System
SIGWX Significant Weather
SSA WWW System Support Activities
SWH Significant Weather Chart (high level)
SWL Significant Weather Chart (low level)
SWM Significant Weather Chart (medium level)
TIPS TAF Interactive Production System
TOMS Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer
TREND Working Group on Training, the Environment and New Developments in Aeronautical Meteorology
UNCED United Nations Conference on Environment and Development
UN/FCCC United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
VAAC Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre
VCP Voluntary Cooperation Programme
VSAT Very Small Aperture Terminal
WAFC World Area Forecast Centre
WAFS World Area Forecast System
WMO World Meteorological Organization
WWW World Weather Watch
WWWDM WWW Data Management
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