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History of Minimum Quality Control Standard (MQCS)

MQCS Version Description of change Resolution Recommendation
MQCS-7 (Jun. 2012) Minor revisions to MQCS-6 Res. 2 EC- LXIV (Jun. 2012) Rec. 6 JCOMM-IV (May 2012)
MQCS-6 (Nov. 2009) Minor revisions to MQCS-5 Res. 4 EC- LXII (Jun. 2010) Rec. 9 JCOMM-III (Nov. 2009)
MQCS-5 (Jul. 2004) Modification for elements for VOSClim Res. 6 EC- LVIII (Jun. 2006) Rec. 9 JCOMM-II (Sep. 2005)
MQCS-4 (Jun. 2001) Minor revisions to MQCS-3 Res. 7 EC- LIV (Jun. 2002) Rec. 9 JCOMM-I (Jun. 2001)
Annex to Rec.9
MQCS-3 (Apr. 2000) Additional minor revisions to MQCS-2 SGMC-VIII (Apr. 2000)
MQCS-2 (Mar. 1997) Modification corresponding with IMMT-1 Res. 8 EC-XLIX (Jun. 1997) Rec. 7 CMM-XII (Mar. 1997)
MQCS-1 (Feb. 1989) Minimum quality-control standard in introduced Res. 8 EC-XLI (Jun. 1989) Rec. 7 CMM-X (Feb. 1989)
Annex to Rec.7