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Instructions for the Ship Observations Team (SOT) National Reports for 2011

  1. See past annual reports here

  2. Coordinate at the national level and nominate one SOT Focal Point. Check the lists of existing focal points at the following web pages and report discrepancies or required changes to Etienne Charpentier:






  3. The name of the nominated SOT Focal Point should appear on the first page of the report under "prepared by" (form Country-SOT-2011.doc, downloaded below ).

  4. The nominated SOT Focal Point is responsible for:

    1. Forwarding the VOS / SOOP / ASAP parts (as appropriate) to their
      national program operators;
    2. Receiving the completed VOS / SOOP / ASAP parts from their national
      program operators;
    3. Completing the SOT part of the report, including Focal Points and
      Port Meteorological Officers;
    4. Sending the individual programme VOS / SOOP / ASAP report(s) to the appropriate chairpersons.
    5. Submitting the completed SOT and VOS / SOOP / ASAP parts (as
      appropriate) to Etienne Charpentier of the WMO Secretariat by 15 March 2012

      Form to use Submitted to Required if
    Country-SOT-2011.doc WMO Secretariat Member is operating either a VOS, SOOP, or ASAP programme

    WMO Secretariat and
    VOSP Chairperson,
    Ms Julie Fletcher

    Member is operating a VOS programme
    Country-SOOP-2011.doc WMO Secretariat and
    SOOPIP Chairperson, Dr Gustavo Goni
    Member is operating a SOOP programme
    Country-ASAP-2011.doc WMO Secretariat and
    ASAP Task Team Chairperson, Mr Rudolf Krockauer
    Member is operating a ASAP programme.
    Note: E-ASAP may submit a consolidated ASAP report for ships 'managerially' transferred to E-ASAP





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