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Annual reports of the Global Collecting Centres (GCCs)

The GCCs of Germany and the United Kingdom are operating as part of the Marine Climatological Summaries Scheme (MCSS). They report annually on their activities.

Note: Due to major updates to the Voluntary Observing Ship Climate (VOSClim) ship list and reprocessing of the full collection of Global Collecting Centers (GCC) VOSClim observations at the Data Assembly Center (DAC – NCDC), significant increases in the number of VOSCLim observations from 2003 to the present have been observed and are now available on the VOSClim Data website here.  Only file names containing ‘VOSCLim_GCC’ are affected. Updates to the GCC VOSClim statistics have also been made. The revised statistics are available in the upcoming GCC 2009 Annual Report. All statistics prior to 2009 will not correspond with the reprocessed data files available on the website, and care should be taken to not use the VOSClim stats from the GCC Annual reports prior to 2009 when using the current ‘VOSClim_GCC’ data files.




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