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JCOMMOPS - The JCOMM in situ Observations Programme Support Centre

The JCOMM in situ Observations Programme Support Centre (JCOMMOPS) is based on the existing DBCP, OceanSITEs, SOT, GO-SHIP, and Argo coordination mechanisms. The centre provides essential data and tools, as well as a centralized information and technical support facility, required for coordinating and integrating many of the existing operational ocean observing networks under JCOMM. Through the activities of JCOMMOPS, the following goals are addressed: (i) Facilitating decision making by programme managers (maintaining information on requirements, analysis products showing how requirements are met, information on telecommunication systems); (ii) Facilitating programme implementation (assistance regarding GTS distribution, identification of available deployment opportunities, assistance regarding standardization of real-time data telemetry formats); (iii) Enhancing operational and monitoring aspects (compiling quality control information and following up with solutions to correct identified problems, acting as a clearinghouse on operational aspects of platform implementation, providing information on the status of relevant observing platforms).





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