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WMO International Symposium on Public Weather Services (PWS): a Key to Service Delivery, Geneva, Switzerland (3-5 December 2007)


Paper Title: Experience in service delivery from a developing country: the case of Cuba

Names: Dr José Rubiera

Institution: Instituto de Meteorología, Cuban Meteorological Service

Title: Assistant Director (Water Data)

E-Mail Address:

José Rubiera is the Director of the Cuban National Forecasting Centre at the Instituto de Meteorología in Havana, Cuba. He is also a Senior Researcher and Professor at the Havana University in the career of Meteorology. He is Vice-Chairman of WMO RA IV Hurricane Committee and a Member of the WMO PWS Expert Team on Communication Issues. He is a Member of the Inter Academy Panel (IAP) Expert Group on Disaster Reduction, representing the Cuban Academy of Sciences.

He graduated as Meteorologist in 1974, made Post-Graduate studies in Meteorology, receiving training in the URSS (1983-84) and the United States (1989). He has been adviser to the Meteorological Services of Nicaragua (1984 and 1987), Venezuela (2005) and Uruguay (2006). He has been professor in WMO PWS Workshops. He is the main Weather Presenter in Cuban TV since 1981.

His fields of expertise are Tropical Cyclones and Disaster Prevention, as well as PWS and Weather Presentations in Radio and Television. He has several papers published and has presented papers and made presentations in International Congresses, Symposia and meetings in more than 25 countries.





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