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WMO International Symposium on Public Weather Services (PWS): a Key to Service Delivery, Geneva, Switzerland (3-5 December 2007)


Paper Title: Weather Services and Urban Environment

Names: Tang Xu

Institution: Shanghai Meteorological Bureau and Shanghai Regional Meteorological Centre of CMA.

Title: Director General

E-Mail Address:

Dr Tang Xu is the Director General of Shanghai Meteorological Bureau and Shanghai Regional Meteorological Centre of CMA. He also serves as a member (or Director) of the following organizations:

  • Shanghai Emergency Management Commission
  • Shanghai Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Council
  • Chinese Meteorological Society (Executive Member)
  • Committee for Meteorology, Hydrology and Geology of the Chinese Statistics Research Society (Deputy Director)
  • Task Force of WMO Public Weather Service Programme.
  • He served as Director General of Department of Science, Technology and Education of CMA, Director General of Strategic Planning Office of CMA, member of WMO/CAS Advisory Working Group, member of the Science Steering Committee for World Weather Research Programme (WWRP), member of the THORPEX/ICSC, member of WMO/CAS Working Group on GURME, member of Intergovernmental Tropical Ocean & Global Atmosphere Board in the previous 10 years.

He has been involved, for many years, in urban environmental meteorology and natural disaster prevention. He has published a number of scientific papers and several books on Urban Meteorology and Asian Monsoon.





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