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WMO International Symposium on Public Weather Services (PWS): a Key to Service Delivery, Geneva, Switzerland (3-5 December 2007)


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Names: John Teather

Institution: The International Association of Broadcast Meteorology

Title: Honorary Secretary

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John  joined the BBC in 1966 where he was a film editor working on a variety of programmes. He joined the BBC Presentation Department as an Assistant Producer with a wide range of duties including network directing, producing trailers, and directing the weather. In 1975 he directed Bill Giles’s first broadcast. Through the 70’s and into the 80’s John had many responsibilities including network director, studio director, promotions producer, the editorial planning of daytime transmissions, implementing a computer scheduling system, and directing events for Eurovision. Also during this time he became more involved with weather and was responsible for the introduction of electronic weather graphics in 1985. He was responsible for leading the project for the BBC Weather Centre, which opened in September 1991, and five years later for the opening of the second phase of the centre in September 1996. John was the Editor responsible for BBC Weather Broadcasts, responsible for running the BBC Weather Centre, with a team of 25 broadcast meteorologists producing over 120 broadcast every 24 hours. He was in editorial charge of the acclaimed ‘Weather Show’ series, directing and filming many of the episodes himself. He is Honorary Secretary of the International Association of Broadcast Meteorology and has been responsible for many training workshops on behalf of the World Meteorological Organisation.

Since retiring from the BBC in September 2001, set up his own company with Bill Giles, The Weather People Ltd a company specialising in providing weather information and consultancy. His hobbies include the arts, in particular the theatre, not only as an amateur thespian, but also directing plays and musicals. John is a Fellow and former Vice President of the Royal Meteorological Society and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.




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