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Socio-Economic Case Studies

Who do we plan to use this information? Mountain

We hope other governmental weather agencies, engineers, emergency managers, local governments, etc. will use this site to seek help on a particular socioeconomic weather or climate issue.

In what capacity do we expect our audience to use this information?

These case studies can provide a template for how another agency can conduct their own study on a similar problem

What is the purpose of this inventory?

The purpose is to list all known socioeconomic weather or climate related case studies.

What are the uses for this inventory?

This inventory can be used for knowledge and a basis for other agencies to enhance socioeconomic weather and climate related protection for their area by viewing and conducting their own case studies.

What are the consistencies and common threads in tools and user-provider interactions?

The case studies are provided to help make decisions to save life, livelihoods and property. The end users are governments, engineers, weather and climate agencies and emergency managers to prepare and account for vulnerability, risk, mitigation, and preparedness for weather or climate events. Common themes include disaster mitigation, testing the effectiveness of website design, and drought monitoring.



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