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Socio-Economic Decision Support Tools

What information is available?contruction

We provide an inventory of socio-Economic tools on this site. (view inventory)

Who do we plan to use this inventory?

We hope governmental weather agencies, engineers, emergency managers, local governments, etc. will use this site to seek help on a particular socioeconomic weather or climate issue.

In what capacity do we expect our audience to use this information?

We expect users to see these models as a starting point for their own models, determine areas of future development and add their own tools

What is the purpose of this inventory?

The purpose of this inventory is to list all known decision support tools to help make socioeconomic weather and climate decisions.

What are the uses for this inventory?

Any decision maker or weather industry member can visit the site to get an idea of the tools available for use in socioeconomics. They can contact the developers of the tools to develop a model for their area. Also, modelers can get an idea of areas that need development or are not covered to help future decision makers.

What are the consistencies and common threads in tools and user-provider interactions?

Almost all of the tools are designed to help make government decisions to save life, livelihoods and property. The typical end user of these tools is an agency such as a weather or climate office or emergency manager. Common subjects are related to optimizing energy cost, drought monitoring and flood mitigation.



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