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Inventory of Decision-Support tools

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What it does

Type of Decisions Made by the Tool


Agricultural Sector

National Agricultural Monitoring System (NAMS)


Contains maps, graphs and reports to demonstrate the production situation for major agricultural systems.

To keep drought managers aware of drought conditions so that drought management strategies can be prepared & deployed to lessen drought impacts



VegDRI (Vegetation Drought Response Index)


Used to map and monitor general patterns of drought severity at a regional to national scale in the U.S.

Delivers timely geo-referenced information about areas where the vegetation is impacted by drought. Drought management strategies can hence be deployed to lessen impacts


VegDRI data: View


Drought Impact Reporter


Collects, quantifies, and maps reported drought impacts for the United States



North American Drought Monitor (NADM)


Identifies and maps drought intensity areas across international borders and provides information on their impacts.

By keeping aware of drought conditions, drought management strategies can be prepared/deployed to lessen the drought's impacts



United States Drought Monitor (USDM)


Identifies and maps drought intensity areas for the United States and provides information on the major impact types.

By keeping aware of drought conditions, drought management strategies can be prepared/deployed to lessen the drought's impacts


Agrometeorological Forecast of the Winter Crops Condition in Spring


Calculates vegetation condition through the winter

Determines when to provide more seeds to make up for crop loss in the winter and when to provide seeds for spring sowing

View (To link soon)

Water Management

IWD: Irrigation water demand model


Determines supplementary irrigation requirements

When, where, and how to use supplemental irrigation water for crops


Water Sensitive Urban Development Models


Determines water demand and the effect of rainfall on available water

Determine how to use current water supplies

1. Abstract: View

2. paper: view



Rainfall Intensity-Frequency-Duration data


Risk assessment of dams and bridges, roof design, and storm drainage systems. Manages flood plains. Soil conservation studies.

Determines updates to bridges, damns, roofs, drainage systems. Maintains awareness of floodplains for fast action in case of flooding

1. Free IFD Data: View


RORB – runoff routing and URBS – continuous/event rainfall runoff routing model


General runoff and stream flow routing program used to calculate flood hydrographs from rainfall and other channel inputs.

Forecasts flooding for operations and determines how successful bridges, dams, culverts, etc. will hold up in a flooding situation

1. RORB: View

2. URBS: View

Transport Sector

Current and Forecast Icing Products (CIP and FIP)


Produces a 4D depiction of expected icing severity and probability.

Tool allows transport planning to avoid hazardous icing areas and efficient operations.

1. NCAR Site: View

2. FHWA Site: View







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