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Training Workshop on the Assessment of Socio-economic Benefits of Meteorological and Hydrological Services, Sofia, Bulgaria (15 to 17 September 2008)



Case Studies from Sofia Workshop

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Sector/Area Case Study name Author Affiliation
All weather dependent sectors Cost-benefit study of Wind Tunnel

Mrs. Dr. Ildikó Dobi-Wantuch


Hungarian Meteorological Service
Study on Economic Benefits of Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia (RHMSS)

Vladimir M. Dimitrijevic

Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia (RHMSS)
Convective phenomena forecasting - From Republic of Maldova
Water Management Supporting activity of local societies in the field of flood warning (Office
for Local Government Collaboration)
Roman Konieczny Institute of Meteorology and Water ManagementKraksw - Poland





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