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Expert Group on Public Education and Outreach


Purpose of the Expert Group

The Expert Group on Public Education and Outreach was established to provide WMO with recommendations and guidance for assisting NMHSs to educate the public and decision-making authorities so as to:

  • increase public understanding of the usefulness and limitations of weather forecasts;
  • increase public trust in forecasts, and
  • increase public understanding of the risks of a particular hazard or series of hazards.

WMO uses the guidance and recommendations to develop public education and outreach materials for use by NMHSs with the aim of transferring this knowledge to the public. Through the expert group, a publication has already been produced. It is titled: Public Weather Services Strategy for Developing Public Education and Outreach (WMO/TD No. 1354_PWS-14).

Terms of Reference (ToRs)

  1. The Expert Group is constituted under the Applications of Meteorology Programme through PWSP working in close collaboration with the Education and Training Programme and the relevant Technical Departments in the WMO Secretariat.
  2. Members of the Expert Group are expected to collect education and public outreach materials from NMHSs as well as educational and other institutions.
  3. Based on the materials, the Expert Group will continously prepare, for distribution by WMO, a set of generic educational materials to address a) the general public and b) decision-making authorities, suitable for adaptation to different languages and cultures.
  4. The experts, through NMHSs, are expected to work with educators to transfer this knowledge to the public at all levels and decision-making authorities.
  5. Members of the Expert Group will interact with the WMO Secretariat, to ensure
    consistent implementation of the guidance material developed by the Expert Group.

Composition of the Expert Team

The Expert Group is composed of experts from the NMHSs, education community,
user community and the WMO Secretariat. They are:


Dr Bob Riddaway (Chair)
57 Trevelyan
RG12 8YD
United Kingdom
Tel: (44-1344) 451688
Fax: (44-1189) 869450


Mr Kelly Sponberg
1100 Wayne Avenue Suite 1210
Silver Spring, MD 20910
United States of America
Tel: (1-301) 427 2344
Fax: (1-301) 427 2082
Ms Nadia Zyncenko
Servicio Meteorológico Nacional
25 de Mayo 658 Capital Federal
1002 Buenos Aires
Tel: (54-11) 4803 9906
Fax: (54-11) 4393 5313

Ms Hilda Lam Kwong
Hong Kong Observatory
134A Nathan Road
Hong Kong, China
Tel: (852) 2926 8 371
Fax: (852) 2311 9448

Mr Gerald Fleming
30 Parkview
Tel: (353) 31 208 3003
87 220 0815 (Mobile)
Fax: (353) 53 457 21
Dr Teresa Kennedy
International/U.S. Partnerships and Outreach
The GLOBE Program
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
3300 Mitchell Lane, Rm. 2104
Boulder, CO 80301
United States of America
Tel: (1-303) 497 2620
Fax: (1-303) 497 2638
Dr (Mrs) N. Jayanthi
Meteorological Office
India Meteorological Department
Pune 411 005
Tel: (91-20) 2553 5886
Fax: (91-20) 2553 3201






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