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Expert Team on Communication, Outreach and Public Education
Aspects of Public Weather Service Delivery (ET/COPE)



Purpose of the ET/COPE


The purpose of the Commission for Basic Systems Open Programme Area Group on Public Weather Services (PWS) Expert Team on Communication, Outreach and Public Education Aspects of PWS Delivery (CBS/OPAG-PWS ET/COPE) is to advance service delivery skills and capacities of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) in the areas of communication of information between NMHSs and users (in particular, the media), customers and partners.  It also works to improve outreach and public education programmes and activities of NMHSs.


Terms of Reference (TORs)

The TORs of the ET/COPE, as approved by the Fifteenth Session of the Commission for Basic Systems (CBS-15), which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, 10-15 September 2012, are as indicated below:

  1. Examine, report and advise on how best to measure the needs of users regarding communication, public education and outreach aspects of PWS delivery;

  2. Identify ways to meet the needs of NMHSs in their communication, outreach and public education relating to PWS delivery, with a view to ensuring more effective use of PWS and enhancing the usefulness of new products and services;

  3. Examine, report and recommend how best to foster partnerships with national and international media organizations, and of assisting NMHSs to improve relations with the media;

  4. Examine, report and advise on the application to PWS delivery of new developments in communication, public education and outreach;

  5. Promote awareness of the benefits to the image, visibility and attribution of NMHSs through effective delivery of high-quality and well-communicated public weather services;

  6. Monitor, report and advise on communication, outreach and public education aspects of service delivery that relate to other WMO activities, Programmes and priority areas, including collaboration with other PWS Expert Teams, CBS OPAGs, WMO Technical Commissions (TCs) and Regional Associations (RAs); and,

  7. Monitor and report on the progress and effectiveness of earlier initiatives of ET/COPE and make recommendations as appropriate to the ICT/PWS.









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